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Teem Ease Hotel Guangzhou Teem Ease Hotel Guangzhou Teem Ease Hotel Guangzhou Teem Ease Hotel Guangzhou Teem Ease Hotel Guangzhou Teem Ease Hotel Guangzhou
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Guangzhou Teem Ease Hotel locates at No.183, Longkou Western Road, the northern part of tianhe. It is decorated with completed equipments in four star criterion. It is only about ten minutes drive from Guangzhou Eastern Railway Station, with very convienent traffic. It situates in the busy commercial district, economic and cultural center of Tianhe. It is only about one hundred metres away from several big supermarkets such as TEEMALL, Trust -MART, PARKN SHOP. Wanjia and so on. It is also only about one hundred metres away from GRANDVIEW MALL, which is the biggest shopping center in Asia. It is about some hundred metres away from several famous, universities in Guangzhou such as Southern Teachers`University and Agricultural University.
Guangzhou Teem Ease Hotel has an advanced internet system, all kinds of modern, comfortable and elegant rooms, big or small meeting rooms, business centers and airport transportation. which provide very convient services for businessmen in every field. This hotel is equipped with a western dining room and a hall bar, providing all kinds of westen food and drink. The Chinese dining room on the second floor is equipped with a big hall and ten VIP rooms or more which are well decorated. They provide real Guangdong, Hunan, Sichuan, Fujian and Chaozhou style food. The KTO drink bar on the third floor provides a wide space for you to sing; the foot bathing room. and the chess and card room on the fourth floor provide a comfortable service for you amusement.
Guangzhou Teem Ease Hotel rovidesenthusiastic and satisfied services for customs with a safe, comfortable and healthy circumstance. The twenty four hour monitoring system in the safety center of this hotel provides the most reliable guarantee and the best services for customers comfort and safety.
Teem Ease Hotel management, endeavouring to provide you sevices of international level. It will be your ideal second home for either long staying or short break in world metropolis ---Guangzhou.
Welcome to the Teem Ease Hotel.

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